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SensoTransel Devices

SensoTransel Devices

Innovative and reliable devices for distributed temperature sensing.

How SensoTransel DTS works?

Light as an information carrier…

The device works in a continuous manner, and its most important elements are a light emitter (laser) and a sensor (optical fiber). The light propagates through the medium and because of the Raman scattering happening inside, the device is enabled to analyze the backscattered beam.

The time of one measurement cycle depends on the entered configuration data (time to obtain the results per sensor and the number of measurement channels). Within one measurement, the device performs multiple analyzes of the backscattered light to increase accuracy.

SensoTransel Devices

Computational algorithm…

The SensoTransel DTS device saves the collected measurement data in dedicated DDF files. The visualization server then takes over the data to perform specialized temperature calculations, taking into account the cable type, reference temperature and the characteristics of the surrounding area.

SensoTransel Devices
SensoTransel Devices
SensoTransel Devices

Data and event recognition server…

The processed temperature data is immediately available for SensoTransel Vision  – data refreshing is done automatically on all devices running the software. In the meantime, the server checks whether the alarm thresholds have been exceeded and reacts to events.

Additionally, the server can communicate using SCADA protocols, e.g. OPCUA, MODBUS TCP/IP or DNP3.

SensoTransel Devices

Data presentation and event location…

The visualization application allows you to view the obtained measurement results using a graph or a dedicated visualization.

All necessary information regarding the location and type of the hazard / fault is provided.

See the types and specification of SensoTransel DTS devices

SensoTransel Devices

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