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Providing complete distributed temperature sensing solutions

for mining industry

Providing complete distributed temperature sensing solutions for

mining industry

We provide complete solutions for temperature monitoring using the distributed sensing technology. Our products and services of experts rely on the assembly of fiber optic sensing lines, guaranteeing an increase in the efficiency and safety of your enterprise. We offer:


SensoTransel distributed temperature sensing systems, using optical fiber as a sensor and a dedicated algorithm for calculating measurement results.


SensoTransel Vision visualization, archiving and control system, enabling data interpretation, event location and sending notifications.


Full technical support under the warranty service defined in the contract. Possible problem diagnosis through controlled and limited remote access.
Distributed Temperature Sensing

The technique of temperature measurement with the use of a continuous sensor in the form of an optical fiber, a laser light emitter and a backscattered light processor device.

The measurement results are obtained by calculating the algorithm based on the Raman effect (Raman scattering) and reflect the real temperature distribution along the fiber. The benefits for your company:

  • precise results over the entire fiber length,
  • immediate detection of changes / deviations, disturbing events,
  • precise and quick location of hazard points with an accuracy of up to 1 meter.
  • simple and low-cost-maintenance infrastructure.

Mining Industry

Energy Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

Agricultural Industry

Chemical Industry

Object Safety Monitoring

SensoTransel Vision on screen


Using the technique of distributed temperature sensing and our knowledge regards cables, the SensoTransel system was created, which includes SensoTransel DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensor) measuring devices, special sensor cables and the SensoTransel Vision visualization software.

If you would like to learn more about our services and products, please see our offer and contact us.

SensoTransel DTS Device

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